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Canlı Destek


With highly engineered centrifuge extractors and high efficiency dryers, it is possible to achieve;

• Minimum 15-20% Investment Savings (with fewer machines and area)
• Minimum 20-25% Labor Savings
• Minimum 30-35% Energy Savings

Ordinary Jean Washing & Drying Process Flow Details:

n classical ordinary denim washing system, after the stone, enzyme or chemical washing processes are performed, the textiles are manually transported by using cranes and placed into Centrifuge Extractors in a balanced way. After extraction, the textiles are transported once again by using cranes and manually loaded into Drying Tumblers. When the drying process is finished, the denim garments are manually un-loaded and carried to a finishing and quality control units. For all these processes, about 5-6 people work in Centrifuge Extrating Line and 3-4 people in the Drying Line in a medium-sized enterprise. The conventional drying process takes about 50-60 min., and, the whole process ends in about 70-80 min. including centrifuge extracting and other loading and unloading operations. Moreover, during all those operations, it is possible have some accidents due to heavy loads carried by cranes, and face with some personal process faults, such as excessive textile drying/shrinkage.

Modern Permak Jean Washing & Drying Process Flow Details:

In modern Permak Textile Systems, all stages after washing are carried out automatically. A system composed of 1 Centrifuge Extractor, 6 Drying Tumbler and loading/unloading conveyor units, gives 2000kg/h output capacity with the operation steps expailned below:

i. A loading Conveyor is integrated with a barcode reader and a weight measuring system. By entering the barcode of the garment, the processor determines which programs will be applied during the next steps and transmits the necessary information to all machines on the line; thus possible personnel errors are completely prevented. With a Weight Measuring System, it is possible to select the correct loading capacity and control processing periods in proportion to the loads.

ii. The loading Conveyor loads the textiles into the Centrifuge Extractor without any manual operation or adjustment. Thanks to the access to super high spinning speeds (G's: 800), it is possible to complete the extraction process within 1,5-2 minutes and no additional labor is required for unloading.

iii. Extractor un-loads the textiles to a distribution conveyor/elevator, which carries and loads the textiles to suitable Drying Machine, which is automatically selected by the system, without any manual operation.

iv. The textiles are dried according to the barcode program selected. Drying Machines are specially designed and equipped with Energy Recovery and Exhaust Recirculation Systems which enables 30-50% less energy consumption. In this way, the drying process is completed in about 25-30 minutes that is 2-3 times less than conventional machines. After the drying process is completed, the textiles fall to the transport carriers positioned under the dryers.

Considering a very short operation time, less energy and labor savings which are the key factors of sustainability in the production, Permak Centrifuge Extracting and Drying System investment would pay itself in a very short time.

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